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    Sweet Lesson / 60 min - € 98,00
    One of our esthetician will teach the couple how to take care of each other with a gentle massage.

    Personalized Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    Fusion of Eastern and Western techniques to suit the individual needs in order to maximize the benefits of massage.

    Somatic Wellness Message / 60 min - € 80,00
    Perfect to restore the energy and rebalance the vital functions.

    Stone Massage / 60 min - € 85,00
    Lava stones and marble for an anti-stress massage, detoxifying and effective for reactivation.

    Massage honey or chocolate / 50 min - € 70,00
    A relaxing massage with fresh honey, ideal for relaxing and prepare the skin for sun exposure, or with cocoa powder to give a good mood and full of energy.

    Pregnancy Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    Special massage with nourishing almond oil that relaxes tired backs and reduces leg fatigue.


    Tranquillity Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    A manual rite to favor a complete relaxation and a sense of psychophysical harmony.

    Lymphatic Drainage Massage / 60 min - € 80,00
    Takes away fatigue. Returns the natural lightness of the legs and favors the elimination of excess fluids thus counteracting the occurrence of blemishes.

    Back and Neck / 30 min - € 45,00
    Revitalizing action for an immediate sensation of profound wellbeing.

    Sport Massage / 50 min - € 70,00
    Dedicated to athletes, it is ideal to loosen tense muscles.

    Postural Massage / 60 min - € 78,00
    Dedicated to those who feel the need to get rid of countless "Blocks" somatizing accumulated muscle tension in the life of every day ... For a correct posture and harmonious.

    Massage with 4 hands / 30 min - € 65,00
    All the experience and the attention of two experienced beauticians at the service of your well-being.

    Reflexology / 30 min - € 45,00
    Massage technique applied to the foot work in order to rebalance the entire body.


    Mediterranean Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    Characterized by manual winding which recall the strength and sweetness of the sea.

    Oriental Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    Favors circulation and the release of muscle tension throughout the body.

    Indian Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    Ideal for deep relaxation and a renewed sense of physical balance.

    Arabian Massage / 50 min - € 75,00
    This massage includes skilful hands, at first very energetic for a deep renewal and then softer and more fluid movements to re-balance the body.


    Tranquillity Ritual / 50 min - € 70,00
    Aroma treatment for face and body for a toned skin, smooth and highly nourished.

    Savonage and Exfoliation with Silk Glove / 50 min - € 60,00
    Energizing treatment with a purifying effect made with black soap to favor the elimination of toxins through the kassa, natural silk glove specific for exfoliation.

    Berber Ritual "Light of Morocco" / 1,50 min - € 125,00
    Treatment of deep purification with anti-aging and nourishing properties, smoothes and softens the skin leaving it exceptionally smooth.
    The ritual includes:
    - Scrub with exfoliating glove and natural Moroccan black soap 30 '
    - Shower in cabin
    - Application by Ghassoul Clay wrapping
    - Rest for 30 ' to obtain the most of osmotic absorption
    - Shower in cabin
    - Berber massage 30': winding and energetic to self-discovery, eliminate mental and physical stress, tone and stretch your muscles for thrilling experience and a wonderful feeling of relaxation. It is made with hot Argan and Makka oil with firming and restructuring properties. The skin will be nourished and gently hazel scented.

    Taste of Wine / 90 min - € 110,00
    90 minutes of pure pleasure for soul and skin. With the help of one of our Beauty expert and miraculous fruits of the millennium vine tree, invaluable source of polyphenols, you will be guided to discover a new dimension of self-care... for a more compact, light and elastic skin. Excellent anti-aging, antioxidant and restorative Total Body treatment, leaves on your skin an enveloping "intoxicating" aroma.
    The wellness itinerary includes:
    - Face and Body Scrub and Cleansing 40 min
    - A gentle grapes cleansing gel and a scrub made from precious grapes set to wrap, cleanse and exfoliate gently and at the same time improve the skin of face and body.
    - Soin Aromatique 50 min.
    It's the heart of the treatment. It's time to give skin of face and body of all the precious elements contained in grapes, "the elixir of life for the skin." This sweet aromatic massage combines the precious emulsions made of grapes all the pleasure and the skilled craftsmanship of our Expert Aesthetician.


    "Body Strategist" / 50 min - € 60,00
    Slimming toning treatment for a silhouette visibly reshaped and toned.

    Treatment for Rebalancing Pregnancy / 50 min - € 70,00
    Thought for the hydration and elasticity of the skin to improve circulation in the legs and relieve the heaviness.

    New Mum Treatment / 50 min - € 80,00
    Ideal to restore skin elasticity and prevent the formation of wrinkles, stretch marks and skin hypotonia.


    "Aromasoul" Scrub Ritual / 30-50 min - € 55,00/70,00
    Treatment with rhyolite, a Mineral perfect to regenerate and smooth the skin while respecting the hydro-lipid film of protection.

    "Sacred Nature" Nourish Treatment / 45 min - € 70,00
    Formulated according to the Ecocert guidelines to provide a concentrate of active ingredients from organic agriculture. Ideal for all skin types, even the most delicate.

    Skin Regimen Longevity Facial / 30-50 min - € 70,00/120,00
    A true revolution in professional offering that guarantees visible results in half the time compared to traditional treatment. 30 minutes to renew, firm and reposition the facial appearance for a revitalized and rejuvenated effect.
    The effectiveness of high-tech active components and superfoods is maximized by manual inspired by Kabat, a method of neuromuscular rehabilitation that strengthens the skin tissue and muscle elasticity

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