• Face

    Rebalance and nourish

    Facial Cleansing / 60 min - € 70,00
    A facial cleansing cosmetics combined with extraordinary effectiveness of selected according to your skin type.

    Facial lymphatic drainage / 30 min - € 45,00
    Facial, neck and décolleté massage for a better definition of the traits by elimination of the toxins.


    Skin Resonance / 50 min - € 85,00
    Treatment for a decongestant and balancing action for sensitive skin.

    "Recover Touch" / 50 min € 85,00
    Intensive anti-oxidant and vitamin treatment with Arctic berry extract and canola oils, fights free radicals and nourishes the skin.

    Anti aging

    "Sacred Nature" Nourish Treatment / 45 min - € 70,00
    Formulated according to the Ecocert guidelines to provide a concentrate of active ingredients from organic agriculture. Ideal for all skin types, even the most delicate

    Eye & lip treatment "Lifting Effect" / 30 min - € 55,00
    Expert hands, a beauty ritual and cosmetic alchemy new generation will take care of your "eye" to give them a natural and newfound freshness.

    Personalized Facial Massage / 30 min - € 45,00
    Massage that reshapes and relaxes the features and energizes the skin to restore elasticity and firmness.


    "Active Pureness" Regenerating / 50 min - € 85,00
    Intensive smoothing action for skin with acne-prone skin. Contains sebustop ® propolis, clay and fruit acids.


    Aromatic Beauty Touch / 50 min - € 85,00
    Aromatic hydrating and oxygenating treatment combined with a suggestive relaxing technique.

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