• Bio Cosmetics

    anti-oxidant shield and skin protection based on:

    BUDDLEJA EXTRACT to facilitate the protection of cellular DNA
    BURITI OIL for antioxidant defense thanks to Brasil tree of life
    JOJOBA OIL nourishing, firming

    Thanks to long research and a strong ethical commitment to the environment and man, [comfort zone] has created a system of products and treatments with natural and organic active ingredients highly effective in nourishing and protecting our skin for advanced results and senses pleasure.

    SACRED NATURE is a natural cosmetics system with organic active ingredients, designed for the treatment of face and body - ECOCERT approved. This unique biological line features an almond top note, softened by a hint of cedar and vanilla, provides extraordinary nutrition and anti-aging action. 99% of ingredients are of natural origin to meet the needs of even the most sensitive and attentive guests.

    The SACRED NATURE FACE & BODY rituals are ideal for all skin types, even the most delicate and have a duration of 45 'minutes each.